Pastors’ Family Retreat

July 6-9, 2021

Tuesday afternoon – Friday evening

Pastors give and give. Caring for a congregation is rewarding in so many ways, but also very challenging and sometimes exhausting. This recent season of ministry has brought new and difficult challenges that many pastors have never before faced. Pastors families also sacrifice for the ministry, giving their family time, energy, and so many other things so that the pastor can care for the people in the church.

Our Pastors Family Retreat is a time to give back to pastors and their families. Come enjoy a time of refreshment, leisure, fun, and counsel. There will be plenty of activities and free time for families to enjoy together. Our speaker, Kevin Maloney, will have times of ministry to the pastors and their spouses while kids are with our trained camp staff. Couples will have time alone to talk and grow together as well. Come experience a period of rest, relaxation, healing, enjoyment, and family fun. All pastors and their families are welcome.