Raising Support

We understand that serving at camp involves sacrifice, but it also provides great opportunity! Being a part of this ministry is a blessing, and you have the opportunity to invite others to partner with you in your ministry at camp. We encourage our summer staff to invite ministry partners to support you in your role at camp. This means that they can financially support you while you serve at camp.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You contact people to let them know you will be serving at camp and explain what you will be doing and why. You can do this in person, by phone, email or letters. A combination of all of them is most effective.

  2. You provide them with the opportunity to parnter with you by supporting you financially. You can explain to them that their financial support allows you to serve Christ at camp.

  3. You share with them how to partner with you: They send in their support to camp (via mail or online) and designate it to your name – support.

  4. Camp will add your support to your pay, up to the limit shown based on your time of service and position.

Below are several helpful documents to get you started. Please feel free to ask if you have questions about raising support or need more information. You can contact Brian for help, Brian@camphickoryhill.org or (585) 535-7832.

Information for Junior Leader’s about Base Pay, Support Amounts and other helpful tips. JL’s should read this first.

Information for Collegians about Base Pay, Support Amounts and other helpful tips. Collegians should read this first.

This is a letter from camp to include with any correspondence you send out about raising support. This gives people information on how to support you and validates your request for support.

This is a sample letter for your reference. It gives you a basic idea of how to write a letter asking people to partner with you at camp.

This will take you to the webpage that people can visit to sign up to partner with you in financial support.