Leadership Development

Our Purpose: At Camp Hickory Hill we believe that serving the Lord is the greatest calling a person can fulfill. While camp provides an excellent opportunity to serve the Lord, there are also many other ways to serve him. Our Leadership Development Program equips young men and women with the tools and experience to serve the Lord at camp and beyond.

Our Method

There are several aspects of our Leadership Development Program which allow us to meet the young person where they are and begin developing skills and understanding until they are thoroughly equipped to be godly leaders. This is accomplished through the various stages of the program, including camper, service crew, Leader in Training, Junior Leader, and Senior Leader. Keep reading for more detailed information about each stage.

The Result

It is our goal to see young people who come through Camp Hickory Hill’s leadership development program go out into the world and live as godly leaders in their families, churches and communities. Over the past sixty years men and women who completed this program have gone on to be pastors, missionaries, lay-leaders in churches, teachers, godly husbands and wives, parents, and shining lights within the communities God has placed them.

How do we accomplish this?

The stages of our Leadership Development Program

Campers (ages 8-16) 

A young person’s experience as a camper is the first step to leadership development. As a camper, a boy or girl will hear the gospel message, learn what it means to be a follower of Christ, and will be taught how to grow in the Lord. The first step to being a good leader is to be an excellent follower of Christ.

Click here for information on attending Camp Hickory Hill as a camper.

Service Crew: (ages 14+) 

At the age of 14 a young person has the opportunity to be part of our Service Crew. This is a program that teaches them the importance of work ethic, servant leadership and attention to details. As a member of Service Crew they will have a lot of opportunity to participate in fun activities of camp while also serving with our grounds crew throughout the week. They will also have daily times of Bible Exploration and teaching on growing in Christ.

Click here for information about Service Crew

Leader in Training: (ages 15-18) 

Our L.I.T. program is a turning point in the overall Leadership Development. During the program, the young man or woman will participate in an intense trip designed to challenge them spiritually, physically and socially. They will then participate in camp counselor training. At the completion of these two phases they will join our staff as a Junior Leader.

Click here for information about becoming a Leader in Training.

Junior Leader: (ages 15-18) 

A Junior Leader serves on our staff alongside an older Senior Leader. They are continually discipled by Senior Leaders and other mature members of our team. As a Junior Leader the young person will have plenty of opportunity to put their leadership training into action, learning how to implement the gifts and teachings that God has provided them. A Junior Leader continues in this role until they are 18 years old.

To become a Junior Leader one must complete the Leader in Training program. For information about becoming a Junior Leader please see “Leader in Training”.

Collegians/Senior Leaders: (ages 18+) 

Once 18 years old, the leadership development continues with discipling younger leaders.

Click here for information about becoming a Senior Leader.